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CRM: Sales Force Automation


Prospect and Acquired Customer Management

Management of a single data archive, with the possibility of differentiating prospect customers from those acquired, and with the ability to change of status from prospect to acquired

Contacts Management

Management of all the relevant people within Customer data, with integration to Voip tools

Data Quality on Master Data and Contacts

Capability to manage data quality both on customers and contacts data, with tools to highlight and avoid redundant data

Rates Income / Standard Management

Management of customer's special income rates, with the possibility of using standard articulated rates

Parametric Rates Changes

Automatic rate changes with different criteria selection of rates and rates lines to be changed

Spot Offers Management

Management of Spot Offers for specific shipments with the possibility of offers fully calculated or with variables based on shipment data

Procurement Tool

Smart features research of the cost rates for identifying the best purchase rates

Team & WorkGroup Management

Management criteria of sales activity, through the figures of master and controlled salesmen, and belonging to different Work Groups to manage activities and alerts

Sales Reports

Managing contacts with customers, with the function of sales reports and their follow-up

Commercial Activities

Qualification of customers through indicators fully managed by the user, for a focused comercial activity

Integration with Business Intelligence

Native integration in the product with ready to use dashboards or with tools for creating any report of Business Intelligence

Integration with Document Management System

Native integration with Documents Management System with the possibility to use the services for Electronic Fiscal Archives

Integration with Collaboration Platform

Management activites of mass marketing or targeted marketing commincations through tools managed with the Collaboration Platform

Integration with Activity Agenda IM and Chat

Generation of its own activities or delegate tasks to a person or to a WorkGroup, linked with any application objects

CRM: Buying Force Automation


Suppliers administration

Administration of a central personal information database shared with clients, in order to achieve suppliers qualification and quality certification

Contacts administration

Administration of reference people included in a supplier database and Voip tools integration

Administration of price/standard rates

Administration of price rates by supplier with the option of using articulated standard rates for mass prices

Import and update of price/standard rates

Step by step guide to import suppliers rates by using spreadsheets

Automatic variation rates

Several criteria for rates selection and rates lines to modify make possible an automatic variation of rates

Interaction between sales and buying departments

Interaction between sales and buying functions to achieve ad hoc quotations from suppliers

Native integration of Business Intelligence

Native integration of available Dashboards or tools for the creation of any Business Intelligence report

Native integration of files electronic storage

Substitute retention services are available

Activity agenda IM and chat integration

It is possible to generate your own activities or assign activities to someone or to a work group. The activities can be connected to any application object

BeOne Air Sync


BeOne Air Sync

BeOne Air Sync is an add-on for the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module of the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite; it permits the automatic insertion, up-dating, and synchronization of standard cost tariffs and the details of air companies.

You will be acquiring the freight costs, additional charges, and the proficiency of each individual air company programmed for synchronization.


Communication Management


Marketing campaign, mailing list, newsletter

Creation of marketing campaign, newsletter and others messages by standard or HTML e-mails, or SMS

Integrated data mining

Data mining tools for the creation of different mailing lists generated from personal and traffic data, offers and rates.

Administration of distribution lists

It’s possible administrate public, private or shared distribution lists for every marketing activity

Unsubscribe central administration

Clients automatically administrate newsletter unsubscribe through a notification to the reference work group

Automatic messaging administration

Automatic emission and forwarding of messages from specific actions generated from inside the system

Files electronic storage integrated

E-mails contain dynamic links to system generated files

Collaboration platform integration

E-mails contain dynamic links to the application object related to the e-mail itself

Collaboration Platform


Spot offers administration

Clients can request spot offers on line. Accesses and requests are memorized and work group receive a notification

Self-quote administration

Clients can elaborate a quotation from traffic data by using specific or standard rates. All self-quotes are memorized

Publication of preferential/standard quotes

Rates can be publicated with option for highlighting of rates updates

Pick-up orders administration

Clients can request the shipment pick-up on line. A notification will be sent to the work group

Administration of a preliminary file

Clients can order shipment pick up on line and insert the shipment dossier’s principal data

Tracking and Tracing

Clients can track and trace their shipment on line

Result of shipment and delivery proof upload

Correspondents can insert the delivery data of their shipment on line and upload them on iPod

Electronic document publication

Clients and suppliers can consult electronic documents on line

Profit Share

Correspondents can fill the profit share part within their authority

Warehouse on somebody else's behalf

Depositors can consult warehouse state and stored products

Activity IM and chat integration

It is possible to generate your own activities or assign activities to someone or to a work group. The activities can be connected to any application object.

KPI publication with Business Intelligence

t’s possible to post ad hoc dashboards that summarize traffic data and performance indicators

Business Intelligence


Native integration

It’s possible to launch a BI session directly from an application object restricting data search by client, country, market, service, etc. Centralized configuration of the reports all users can recall.

Independent creation of reports on demand

The final user can create ad hoc reports

Report sharing

Users can share ad hoc reports

iOS tablets and Android

Creation of ad hoc reports for tablet

Integration of External data

Reports can be integrated with imported data (wages, etc.)

Data daily refresh

Database updates every night

Collaboration platform integration

It’s possible to post ad hoc dashboards that summarize traffic data and performance indicators

Activity, Agenda, IM and Chat


Administrate your own activities

You can create activities for any application object (f.e. client, rate, offer, shipment, pickup, etc.). It’s possible to note facts on the time line and manage activities progress.

Gestione Attività Pervenute

Attività o parti di attività create da altri utenti legate a qualsiasi oggetto applicativo. Possibilità di gestire lo stato di avanzamento e la chiusura dell'attività stessa

External activities managing

It’s possible to follow the progress and the closing of an activity created by other users and related to any application object

Reminders and planning

It’s possible to plan activities beginning and administrate their reminders

Centralized alert for activities

Client’s own activities, external activities and activities created by the collaboration platform or by system events converge in one notification centre which starts Instant message sessions related to any application object

Agenda administration

It’s possible to generate an activity in the personal agenda

Integrazione con il Collaboration Paltform

A person or a work group can receive an activity automatically created after actions started in collaboration platform (quotation order, self-quotation, etc.)

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